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The Oregon Trail!

Francis has a new blog! He’s much better at blogging than I. Check it out here!


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Travel update

Since leaving England on September 8th, we’ve visited friends and family in Washington DC, Ft. Lauderdale, and Gainesville, and we’re just about ready to start travelling across the country.

We’ve decided not to buy a car as originally planned (too expensive, too stressful, don’t need a car in Portland for a while), so we’ll be taking trains and planes and renting cars.

Gainesville, in the meantime, is lovely. It’s gone from full-on summer to crisp fall weather since we’ve been here. We’re doing lots of bike-riding to try and burn some calories. Neither one of us is sleeping very well, but that’s been the case for the past few months and I’m sure we’ll get better as we continue to decompress and adjust. Francis has been doing some job hunting, and my last employer said to give them a ring when we get to town because they might be hiring, woo!

Anyhow, I’m estimating we’ll be in Portland around the 28th of October, Halloween at the latest.

On Friday we’re renting a car and driving up to Atlanta. There we’ll see our totally awesome and cool internet friend Lee and his partner Arn, and another awesome and cool internet friend Elizabeth will meet us there. We’ll be there until Tuesday October 11th, having celebrated Elizabeth’s birthday and generally got up to no good.

We’ll then take the train to Birmingham and go to Elizabeth’s, where we will meet her husband Jon (yes, another awesome and cool internet friend).

Wednesday the 13th we fly to Albuquerque (try typing *that* three times fast) to visit my oldest and dearest friend Celia and her family.

Sunday the 17th-ish we’ll rent a car and drive to Los Angeles via the Arizona Painted Desert, the Grand Canyon, and maybe Zion National Park. We may get a little camping in. I’m guessing we’ll get to LA around the 22nd, and we’ll hang out with my brother Nat for a few days.

Then it’s another rental car for our drive north. We’ll beeble through Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Monterey (can’t wait to see the aquarium there!), Santa Rosa, San Francisco (Chinatown, Berkeley sake factory, etc), northern California, the redwoods, and finally PORTLAND!

Where we will find the perfect house and jobs and live happily ever after. Yes.

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