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Bedtime Tales

Francis and I have a habit of telling bedtime stories. Mostly, I suggest a character and a name, and he tells the story. (For a while, I was reading him chapters of The Princess Bride, which he has never read, but he tends to fall asleep as soon as he’s horizontal and so we’ve only made it about half-way through the book over ten months.)

I have a little digital voice recorder, and I’ve been meaning to start documenting Francis’s stories, but in the meantime I thought I’d share with you some of the more noteworthy characters we’ve come up with.

– Frogen-hotep: a frog who lives in ancient Egyptian times.
– Fron-chu: a young frog who wishes more than anything to become a professional chef.
– Spackle: a rascally gecko who learns that when he disobeys his mother, bad things happen.
– Oakton: a quirky squirrel.
– Jack: of Jack and the Beanstock fame, but there are all sorts of adventures he gets up to, including those featuring his avaricious mother.

There are several others, but we can’t think of any right now.


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