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Let freedom ring!

I’ve just watched the inaugural ceremony on BBC1 and I am tearful and oh so happy.

President Obama. At last.

May the coming years be ones of light and hope!


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Good luck, Nat!

My brother Nathaniel is on his way to Los Angeles this very moment!  He’s moving to seek a job in the film industry (not acting, although he’s good lookin’ enough to do it), so wish him luck.

It’s quite an adventure, and I’m a little bit jealous.  Twenty-two is a great age to be off and exploring the world, and well, in LA there will be plenty to explore.

The coolest people I knew in LA now live in either Dublin or Portland, but if anyone knows anyone Nat should know, let me know!

Also, send soothing mom-thoughts to Kristin: this is the first time in 35 years she won’t have a kid nearby.

Also, happy President Obama Day!

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London At Night

Beautiful photographs.

On number 15, the bridge in the lower part of the picture is London Bridge.  Everyone thinks that Tower Bridge is London Bridge, because it’s so much more picturesque looking!  (Mom, the train station on the right, the long stripey thing, is London Bridge station, where we went to go to the Borough Market.  The market and Southwark Cathedral are off the photograph, from the lower right-hand corner.)

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Happy New Year!

Francis and I have been puttering around the flat for the past few days, recovering from holiday madness.  There’s been lots of laundry and dishes and sleeping, which has been lovely.  This morning brought our typical Sunday activities: cheese toast and hot chocolate in bed with The Simpsons, then cooking and snuggling.  Tough life, I tell you.

Tomorrow Francis has to go back to work, poor boy.  I have until February until I start my job, so for me it’s various chores and catching up with phone calls to you beautiful people!  I miss you all so much, and even though Francis’s family is kind and it was good to see Mom and Matt for Christmas, I need to be phoning you up more!

Kristin’s visit was great, even if Francis and I had the horrible cold that’s been going around.  We went into London twice, sightseeing at the Borough Market, where we saw the Salvation Army Band playing Christmas carols.  It was just beautiful.  (You can see a short video that my friend Jan took the week previous here.)  That day we also saw a replica of the Golden Hinde, walked past the Globe Theatre, popped into Southwark Cathedral, and stood on London Bridge.  The next trip we went to both the National Gallery and the National Portrait gallery and saw innumerable priceless works of art, and also went to the William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  The V&A is an incredible museum and we wanted to explore further, but after about six or seven hours on our feet, we were good and ready to pack it in.

We also took Mom to see various bits of the countryside here, including a walk along an old railway line, an absolutely beautiful church in Speldhurst, a trip to the seaside for fish and chips, a walk around Rye (which was just incredible; I’ll be going back soon to take pictures), as well as lots of walks around Tunbridge Wells.  We had the most amazing weather while she was here: completely clear and sunny.  It really quite remarkable for England!  Oh, and I nearly forgot the panto!  We went to see a traditional English pantomime (which is NOT what you think it is).  Quite the cultural experience.

Matt also came down from Germany to spend Christmas, which was lots of fun.  He was welcomed to the Storr family with open arms, lots of food, and copious amounts of booze.  (I think we all gained weight; the traditional English Christmas is quite decadent.)  We didn’t get to play enough cards, though…

It’s been cold and frosty here, but the weather has been good and the days are getting longer now that the Solstice is past.  I’ll be posting more pictures on Flickr soon: Robert has sent me his digital camera (he got a new fancy one!) and as soon as I learn how to use it, I’ll be documenting more of England for your viewing enjoyment.

Happy New Year!  May 2009 be full of light and joy.

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